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LB Tri, the triathlon club that trains like a team, is Southern California’s fastest growing multi-sport organization. 

Founded in 2009, LB Tri Club is Long Beach's first and original triathlon club and serves as the official triathlon club for the Newport Beach Triathlon, Long Beach Triathlon (of course), Los Angeles Triathlon (yeah, cool, huh), the new Tri-Carson and others.  As the official triathlon club, LB Tri provides race support, course talks to participants and LB Tri members get discounts to these races (and many other triathlons and other races.)  

Founded on September 19, 2009 by Chris Morrissey and Charles Johanson, LB Tri is a group of likeminded athletes who share a passion for the sport of triathlon, living life to the fullest and having fun.
Our members include novices looking for support before completing their first triathlon, newbie’s looking to get in shape via the triathlon, fitness nuts who like to push themselves and veterans of Ironman competition.

LB Tri’s goal is to provide workouts, social events and create networking opportunities where people can work together, challenge, compete and motivate each other to be awesome.

In the short time since our inception our membership is approaching 100 paid members with an additional 220 supporters on our different social marketing sites and over 315 members of our eTri Online Newsletter*.  

One of the unique aspects of LB Tri comes from its founders Chris and Charles, two triathletes, both new to the sport and from totally different backgrounds and athletic abilities.  

To know about LB Tri is to learn more about Chris and Charles.

Chris is owner of Full Circle Fitness and is a professional fitness trainer (Crossfit certified, ISSA certified), a certified massage therapist and former MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter. In late 2008, at the request of his three daughters (“dad stop getting hurt”), Chris retired from MMA fighting and started to look for a new sport that would feed his intense drive, naturally competitive nature and obsession to push himself to the extreme. In Triathlon he found his match. The change from an intense and rapid-fire anaerobic sport like fighting to an aerobic endurance multi-sport like triathlon has been an amazing transformation.  With less than a year of training, Chris did 7 sprint-triathlons leading up to his first 70.3 (Vineman) in 2009, which he finished in less than 6 hours. That same year he completed his first Marathon (LB) in 3hrs44mins.  For this season, in addition to 6 sprints, Chris will be doing 2 Half-Ironman’s and his first full (the 2010 Vineman Full Triathlon).  Chris is currently becoming a tri-certified coach (expected completion date October 2010).

On the other end of the scale (literally), Charles is co-owner of Grove Theater Center | GTC Burbank, one of Southern California’s premiere professional theater companies with a focus on new play development (multiple LA Ovation Awards, LA Weekly Awards, OC
Weekly Awards and many plays published and produced nationally). In addition he owns Unleashed Design, an integrated graphic design, branding, web design and social marketing company.  Charles was not a MMA fighter.  Charles is a coach potato turned triathlete.  If you told anyone prior to October 2008 that Charles completed a Triathlon they would assume you meant eat a hotdog, drink a beer, reach for the remote control.   It was in October that Charles made the decision to get to the gym and lose the weight (he was pushing the scales at over 330 pounds).  But unlike many people who make that resolution, Charles has actually done it. It was in 2008 that he met Chris who became his trainer, and it was Chris who signed Charles up for his first Triathlon. Or more accurately told Charles he was doing his first triathlon.  Since then Charles has completed 7 sprints and is training for his first Half Ironman (Vineman 70.3) this July.  His personal success story (he has lost over 80 pounds and hopes to be well below Clydesdale by the end of this season) helps answer the question of many of our new members; “Can I do a triathlon?”   Charles will be attending the USAT Triathlon Coach certification program in 2011.

The heart of LB Tri is our team members.   And we are dedicated to all Triathletes. LB Tri is for those who want to be more than just another number or anonymous name on a roster. Whether you are an elite triathlete with many wins under your belt or a weekend warrior who takes on a sprint just to finish, this is the place. Our members are truly teammates in a competitive atmosphere that builds on camaraderie and support to take every member to the next level of the sport and then a step further.

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